Dear family, we are happy to present to you our new videoclip! (Link in the picture)

"Cuando Será" ("when will it be") is a song inspired by the National Farmers Strike in Colombia in 2013. It shows the reality of millions of small farmers worldwide, threatened by international Free Trade Agreements and the increasing power of multinational corporations and their transgenic seeds.

Along with the denunciation we also want to give a light of hope and unity to support all the social movements who are fighting day by day for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Among them, the NGO La Via Campesina, an international movement of 148 organizations in 69 countries, which coordinates peasants associations, small and medium producers, rural women, indigenous communities, migrant agricultural workers, youth and landless laborers.

Enjoy this video-documentary,  made by 4K Audiovisual,  where we sing along with our brothers from DOCTOR KRAPULA!

¡Arriba la Vaina hasta ke choke China kon Afrika!

#siembraconciencia #LaViaCampesina #stopTTIP #NoTTIP"

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